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New adventures…..we are SO ready! 

I have been away from blogging because we have been preparing to move. We have been looking forward to moving for at least a year. We finally found a place that was best for us. So today is moving day! 

When we first moved to Virginia we had never been here so we just picked a place we thought was good temporarily. And it was. But, living in an apartment gets old quick! We saved a bunch of money so that was probably the best part. The other great part is that if something breaks you just call the complex and they fix it. Honestly, that the best part about renting, period. We bought a house in California and it was ok. But, we started Dave Ramsey’s Financial peace after buying and quickly figured out we shouldn’t have. It wasn’t expensive for us. But we would have rather followed his plan beforehand. So anyway, fast forward to today. We are starting back on his plan after taking a break to move. It will be a challenge at first but after a month…probably two we will be set again. I am excited for our new adventure with moving and getting back on track. 

The only kinda bummer thing is my last day at the gym was yesterday. I’ve come so far after this pregnancy but I know I can keep it up outside the gym. After our first kid was born I lost weight and toned up great without the gym. So, I know how to do it which is great. Starting Monday I am going to be on my new “get fit” workouts. It’s exciting! New start, new location and super positive outlook on life. 

Hers my last day at the gym pic. I am under pre pregnancy weight and want to slim down and tone up in the next few months. My goal is not to be skinny. My goal is not to be hugely muscular. My goal is to be toned and slimmer.  

The absolute best part is that we are living in our “dream” neighborhood now. Across from a golf course, kid friendly area, people always outside enjoying the weather and a very clean area. When we got to Virginia we drove through this area and said “one day we would love to live here”. We are so stoked! We are currently in the middle of our move but it’s nap time for the boys so I took a much needed blogging break 😉 Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, we are now going back to our original church we started at when we got here. AMEN to that! I’ve been praying we go back because I absolutely love the worship music. It reminds me of North Coast Church in Southern California. It’s my way of worshiping God. Everyone has a way to worship and that my way of connecting more with God. 

So cheers to amazing time, exciting new adventures and living out one dream at a time. I will be able to blog more also 🙂 So cheers to that! 
Live happy

Live your dream

But always

Live simple


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