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Question for Contact Lens wearers

I have googled a lot about this and want to just ask people my question instead.

I have been wearing contact lens for about 7 years now. I used to not have dark under eyes and have been trying to get to the bottom of it. I have heard diet and age and sleep. I had dark under eyes before kids and have the same exact sleep so it is not kids, HA. Or sleep. My diet is way better now also. But honestly, I think that I may be allergic to the materials in the contacts I wear or the solution I use. I wanted to ask if anyone else has this issue? I am considering going contact lens free for a while to see if it gets better.

Have you had issues with dark under eyes form wearing contact lens? Please let me know either way!




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2 thoughts on “Question for Contact Lens wearers”

  1. I haven’t! And I use bio true as well, used to wear air optix until last year. I’ve been wearing mine for about 10 years and never had any problems. Hope you find out what’s causing it soon!

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